Heart Felt Health has definitely made a huge impact so far. I was an officer on the Teen Council and helped with our various events and projects. At events like the Health Expo, we volunteered to take care of the children—coming up with lots of fun and educational activities to show them how great learning and living a healthy life can be. But our most impactful project was the afterschool program that we brought to several middle and elementary schools in underprivileged areas. We taught kids about healthy habits, from the importance of “eating the rainbow” of fruits and vegetables to how smoking affects the heart. Many of the kids cannot afford or get access to healthier foods, so they never learn healthy eating habits at home. Not only were they learning important information for taking care of themselves, they were having fun, and were excited to see us every week. I was amazed by how we were able to help in so many places, start a Food Bank, host a fundraising event, and personally impact many kids’ lives—all in one year.       – Cailin P., Myers Park High School


I began volunteering with Heartfelt Health Teens last year as I had an interest in science and healthy living.  I did not expect to join an organization that had such a great involvement with the Charlotte community.  Not only was the Teen Council able to raise money and collect donations for a great cause, it was able to send a powerful message regarding the importance of leading a healthy life.  I especially saw this in the afterschool programs that the organization held at Title 1 schools.  It was at these programs where I taught about the importance of healthy living to kids who may not have known otherwise.  By the end of the programs, I saw kids with real knowledge of a healthy lifestyle and an excitement for science.  Knowing that this organization truly cares about enriching our community and having a positive impact has made me greatly appreciate the organization’s work and has made me want to continue volunteering.      - Caroline R., Marvin Ridge High School
I have been involved with Heartfelt Health for two years. The teen council has definitely impacted my life in that I have much more experience than I did before with working as a team, making creative projects, planning big events, and working with kids. It was so awesome to see crazy ideas actually come to life. I'm just so happy that we could impact kids and the community the way that we do. The kids are always excited to see us during the week, smiling and hugging us, it really makes their day. Even during the fundraiser fair we did last year, it was so awesome to look around and see a ton of people having fun and enjoying what we had put together.  It really gives you a good feeling. – Addie A., Providence Day School


Last year I went to most meetings and found that within the council, everyone was very active and friendly. It was wonderful contributing to the food drives and type 1 diabetes fundraiser which was my favorite event of the whole year. Mentoring children was very rewarding being able to see children laugh and have fun while learning about heart disease. This year I hope to contribute even more.
– Iris B., Providence High School
Last year I saw how excited kids get when they learned how fun being healthy can be.  It is amazing that something so simple was so impactful.  - Noor H., East Mecklenburg High School
I believe that this opportunity is an amazing way to connect with other kids like me who feel like they want to make a difference in our community. To be able to have an impact on our society and knowing that even something small can have a positive effect on those around us makes me want to become an even better person. Through Heartfelt Health I believe that I can learn and mature as a person while giving a helping hand to an organization whose focus is to help others.                                                 – Amanda L., Porter Ridge High School


Congratulations to Lauren Lovitt, Lindsey Lovitt, Philicia Thompson, Caroline Repke, Cailin Peterson, and Mario Erotokritou who received the President's Volunteer Service Award at a ceremony attended by Charlotte's Mayor Roberts.